Friday, September 30, 2011

into the woods.

as you're reading this, i'll be hammocking in the woods somewhere with my fifty sisters. this thought is exciting beyond comprehension. and i feel like not only have i had a beautiful week, i'm about to have the most wonderful weekend, which is perfectly fine with me.

my essays will come back in full force (fingers crossed) but until then i'll just post about my fancy new job (unpaid but incredible) and my adventures in this enchanting city i like to call home.

i also want to post this video, and you have to promise to watch it until the very end for what happens will speak volumes about me, because it's kind of an everyday occurence.

and then i want you to watch this video and have a lovely weekend.

Monday, September 26, 2011

beautiful things out of the dust.

"sometimes we're not as beautiful as we think." 

when i wrote that line last march for an english paper, i was thinking about those moments like the homecoming dress i thought i looked really cute in, or when i thought i was being funny but was really just acting a fool. but this weekend i discovered the flip side of that phrase. 

some may say that river street is one of the main attractions that savannah has to offer. unless you're referring to watching the ships pull into harbor, i'm not one of those people. in my opinion, the gem of savannah is the paris brocante.  i'm utterly in love with it. 

the paris brocante is a boutique that sits on the corner of broughton. it's a market in the sense that it sells laundry detergent, lavender bouquets, soaps, feather dusters, and woven baskets. i can spend hours sifting through the antique jewelry, buckets of marbles, and sun hats. there are couches, vintage photos, candles that smell like the library, and the most beautiful wrapping paper i have ever laid eyes on. 

sometimes, when the life of the college kid gets to be too much, i go there in search for a french seltzer (with a shot of rose and lemon) and treasures. 

it wasn't until my family came down early this year, or when a high school friend showed up did i realize just how beautiful this place was, and sometimes, when i'm writing in my journal while drinking a seltzer, i'm more beautiful than i think. 

and this is a song that makes me want to skip and make pinatas out of tissue paper. actually, here are two songs

Friday, September 23, 2011

everyday i'm hustlin.

well, it's not fall anymore.

but in other news, consider this a "listless thursday" a few thursdays overdue and a day late. lehhgo.

quotes from my history professor:

"those white men are being oppressive....again."
"1848, women get on their level."
"everything goes to shit when women learn how to read."

and the list of the week?

"how to raise 100 dollars without really trying"

have a bake sale
rob a bank
call grandad
pay it myself (ha)
sell my bike
trade in my textbooks
offerto do laundry at $5 a basket
ask someone for a dollar (repeat 100 times)
bring back the elevator pass
get really stellar at poker
hustle everyday

ps. i'm raising 100 dollars for "light the night" cancer walk that will take place in downtown savannah sometime in october. if anyone would like more information, you can click here. (go ahead, click it.)

with so many papers this week, i had to find a productive distraction rather than watching modern family marathons or facebooking all hours of the night. so, i memorized these songs (next is the after party at buckingham palace) (guess it really is just me myself and all my millions) instead. time well spent in my opinion.

Friday, September 9, 2011

radiant faces.

the blogs that i read are lying to me, they tell me that it's fall. 

san diego, hoboken, new york city, savannah, milan. wake up you sleepers, it's fall. 

but it won't last, next week, when the weather is back to 90 and humid, we'll shake our fists at the ocean and curse the very things of summer that we once crooned about last april. 

call me an optimistic pessimist. a bitter hopeful. a jaded believer. but i want it. 

i want fall. i want scarves, boots, jeans, socks, and my russian navy nail polish. i'm jonesing to read vogue on the crunchy leaves in the international garden and to spend my rainy days sharing a plate of pita and hummus with a friend at the gallery espresso. 

i've even created my new playlists. fact: the avett brothers pandora is magical and will make you want to dance around the kitchen in your new wool socks from aerie (wait, you don't have a pair?)

that one golden fall afternoon. 

so consider this post a teaser, because we'll be back to fedoras, lemonade, weezer, and keds before you know it. and watch this video, because i'm in it. 
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