Tuesday, March 14, 2017

turn of the century.

welp. i am twenty five this week. 
the goal was always to make it to twenty one, and i never really thought of what came after that. i've had this overwhelming feeling recently to buy a house or do something considered 'adultish' because i am one now apparently. 

fortunately for me, i do not yet have enough money to buy a house, so i decided to write a list of goals for the year instead. 

learn what healthy looks like 
make it through a game of bowling without a gutter ball
go on an adventure 
stick with a bible study plan
finish #notetoself 
join an intramural game 
try out for the atl dance team
convince someone to hire me 
go a month without spending money 
learn how to do or make something 
pay off the highlander 

while it was fun to put on paper, this to/do list is incredibly intimidating to me. it calls for days at the gym, focus, self control, confidence, and all of the guts and nerve i have and a little more. im not the best at making friends, interviews give me hives, days come when id rather watch all the netflix, and the thought of leaving the soil of the good ol' usa is enough to make me vom. but all of this said, i know accomplishing these things will set me up for where i want to be by my twenty sixth birthday (which is, by the way, to be a bomb ass bowler.)

i've included my favorite 'get hype' songs because they've already been on constant repeat. 

so lets do this, lets get hyped. 

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