Tuesday, October 28, 2014

champagne & poppies.

so in about seven months, a million years, and counting, i will be an official college graduate. ill be able to say things like "my alma mater," "when i was in the chapter," "these freshmen have all the luck," and "wish i could take a nap in the middle of the afternoon again." 

but before all the good stuff happens and i get a diploma and a single diamond tiffany's necklace from my parents (lol, yeah right), i have to apply for graduation, which means i have to create a portfolio. 

when it comes to projects, my ideas are usually much bigger than my abilities. castles made out of candy, the story of dr.jekyll&mr.hyde as told by stop motion pacman characters, a musical adaptation of the crucible. so why stop? why learn from my mistakes when i am so clearly better at crashing & burning? what i mean by this is that rather than turning in a manila folder, i'll be presenting my very own magazine. 

of course, all of this was decided out of boredom while the rest of the class was scanning emily dickinson poems for iambic pentameter, so there's that. 

the first step, and obviously the most important, is the name. 

so while you think over which name i should choose, listen to this song "#its1989" because it's the story of my life. 
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