Monday, June 20, 2011

pink dress revisited.

in case anyone was wondering, i had the greatest lunch of all today. i went to the park, ate a pb&j and some pirates booty, and sang "friday" with my nine year old cousin. it was grand. 

anyone remember these?

the infamous pink dress photos. it was in the dog days of summer, and i was waiting for my mom to take me to target (the greatest store on earth.) i had just recently discovered the self timer and was curious to see what i could do in ten seconds. (you can find the original post here.)

two years later, i decided to revisit that afternoon, this time in a valley in north carolina. 

this post was created while listening to needtobreathe. you should check them out. and sing this song around a campfire

so come on over, we can have a nice chat and some lemonade on the porch. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

smile like a georgia summer.

welcome to "listless thursdays." 
my entire life is a list, i have a series of notebooks filled with them. 
lists of: what i wore this month. what i need to do this week. favorite songs. websites i should look at. magazines and books i need to read. adventures i want to take. my favorite flowers. things i'm good at. things i'm not good at. things i want to be good at someday. 

and of course i want to show them off, because they're pants. 

"notes to self."

make the term "pants" popular again.

frank ocean (who is that guy?)

erin fetherston's apartment on 

friends are nicer to you when you call them on occasion. (it will happen bobbie, megan, i promise!)

second day shampoo is a half-lie. 

volleyball is not your best sport (but you sure do try.) (thanks, epicenter kids, that night was pants.)

jokes are always welcomed. (true story. )

"on this marvelous wednesday, i will:"

run around the block

jump into the pool.

feathers in my hair (so i can whip it.)

clean the bathroom because dirty ones are rude.

pretend to be french. (fake it 'till you make it.)


write (home, poem, essay, song, novel, call to arms, about dinosaurs.)

be pants. (as always.)


my favorite song of the week, up up up by the givers. listen to it when you wake up. i just solved america's caffeine addiction. (AND. you can download it for free on amazon. WIN!)

Friday, June 3, 2011

roaring like a lion.

well, it's that time again. i'm staring at the globe, ready to go go go. 

and so it begins. my little bird is calling me to kayak, hammock, and eat mint chocolate chip tomorrow, but i'm afraid that it won't be enough. 

i suppose i should thank God for my restless spirit, but i wish He would show me where to go. (the east coast would be nice).
yep, that's me. because i can't be normal. 

there will come a time when love doesn't break your heart
-hello, mumford&sons, you're kind of my favorite. 
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