Friday, May 31, 2013

don't believe me? just watch.

because of the lack of cable in my apartment for the summer, i've relied heavily on netflix and hulu to be the background noise of my 452 square foot lifestyle. 

but one day it all ended. the tv series "watch all 5 seasons in 3 days" binge session was over, which is when you realize netflix kind of sucks. 

after seeing advertisements for the savannah ted talk conference this month, i looked up a few videos. i think i ended up watching 8 talks as i cleaned the apartment and attempted the recreation of internet cat memes with fritz. 

all of the lectures i watched were incredibly interesting and i think i could gush about all of them, but i really want to talk about this one by angela duckworth. she's a psychologist that studies characteristics of success. she has found that it's not social or economic class/ iq points/ or talent that makes a truly successful person. it's grit. 

"grit is sticking with your future- day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years- and working really hard to make that future a reality." 

i think i believe her. if she's right, that means i'm doing pretty swell. i know i'm not the smartest or the most creative, but i do know that i try really hard, teach myself new tricks (i taught myself how to code by reading books and watching youtube videos), and throw myself into every possible situation whether i'm supposed to be there or not. 

i've ran for sga vice president, tried out for the soccer team, was a finalist for ghp, auditioned for the lead role in every school play, and showed up to every gulfstream internship interview even though they were constantly saying no. 

i failed at every single one of those things, and cried for days and it felt like i was dying afterwards. but duckworth (haha) says that those who are successful, the ones with the grit, are able to fail and start all over again. 

i mean, phil started duck commander buck commander in the shed behind his trailer. 

one of these days i'm going to have them thinking i run the world like michelle's husband. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

welcome to the good life.

have you ever heard of an intern who had their own office?
they're kind of like unicorns these days. 
not only do i have an office and get paid here in utopia, i don't even have to get anyone coffee or pick up lunch. 

ladies and gents, i am living the life up here in PARB 256. 

at 5 in the morning after high school graduation, i tied on my apron and headed in to open atlanta bread company. as i was cleaning bathrooms and being burned by the espresso machine, i promised myself i would never, ever work in the service industry or stiff my waitress on a tip ever again. 

so far, both of those promises have been kept. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

moving on up.


what? another post? but it hasn't been two months since i've posted the last one! 
haha. i know. maybe i'm a changed woman. we'll see. 

BUT. there is ENORMOUS news today. 

i have a new website. (<---- click it)
i'll still keep my blog for writing, so please keep coming back :)
but for more professional reasons i created a website with my resume and a few of my more professional writings. 
i'm still working out the kinks (like deciding if i have enough money to actually have my own domain name) but i think it's really neat and i wanted to share it. 

you are more than welcome to check it out and send a quick note. 

just remember to come back here every so often :)

say hi! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend update.

geez. it feels like a ghost town up in here. 

but i have (a few) good reasons why.

i'm a ramblin' wreck from georgia tech! well, not in the student sense. i'm just a communications intern, but i have an office (eek!) and i get to FLY to the atlanta campus every other week with my boss, so that's kind of awesome. 

my department has shifted a bit and now i find myself doing more work for the CEISMC department (center for educating, integrating, science mathematics and computing) which means i go to local elementary schools and girl scout troops to teach them that science is cool and make edible rocks. 

i'm also working on the grants that the professional education department is writing for the new MOOC programs. did you know that the average pay for a grant writer is salary + ten percent of the grant that is accepted? the last grant gtpe landed was worth 1.8 million. damn. 

so there's that. i've also been brooding a bit this week because the office ended :( and i had to turn down my dream job. 

ever since i've moved to savannah i've been dying to work at gulfstream. 
no, it's not the glamorous magazine editor position i wanted when i started college, but it's everything the more grown up version of me could ever hope for. i've been on 4 different interviews for internship positions but never successfully landed one. 

as it turns out gulfstream is like an ex boyfriend. once they hear you are happy with someone else (in this case, ga tech) they call again. and this time i got the internship. 

but i turned it down. 

the position was only offered for the summer, which meant come august i would be unemployed. so i had to make the big girl decision of declining my dream job so i could be better off in the long run. (until graduation anyway). 


it's been a bummer. 

but i have to remind myself that i'm only 21 and a senior in college. i got this. 

a few desk items, coffee cups and stationary. 

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