Thursday, September 30, 2010

they call me 'quick draw mcgraw.'

today's challenge was to draw three different objects at different speeds. 
now, there is a reason why i am not an art major, but that is part of the fun, right?

i have lost the usb cord for my camera, so i haven't been able to post pictures of my living quarters, so i decided that my dorm room would be the perfect setting to draw. 

the castle-esque drawing is the design on my pillow from urban outfitters. yay for sales!

the next is titled "sheldon" which is my fish, and yes, that is a tea pitcher. i told my grandfather all about sheldon in a letter one day, i told him that i would love to draw a picture of sheldon but i didn't know how to draw a fish so i would just draw a robot instead. i guess it's time to write to my grandfather again. 

the four bottles once contained italian lemon soda from target, but now they sit on my windowsill. 

the cups next to the bottles are measuring cups from anthropologie that my dear mother sent to me in a care package, the theme was "everything needed to bake a cake."

the susanna! is a pin that i bought at shop scad, a girl named ana created it from sheet music from the "oh susanna, don't you cry for me" song. i secretly have a crush on scad kids. 

the star girl is a book that i first read in the fifth grade, it's been with me ever since. 

whip it, where the wild things are, and date night are all movies that i am sort of in love with. especially whip it. 

and last but not least, a room would not be complete without a quote next to the door that reminds you to do something spectacular every time you leave. the quote on the post it note says, "run up to someone, yell 'tag!you're it' and run away." thank you ellen degeneres. 

this post was drawn with a pencil full of lead and a lightbulb.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

letters i write but never send.

while cleaning out my desk today, i found a letter i wrote about a month ago but i didn't have the address so i stuck it in an envelope and forgot all about it. 

the smiths, 

i am writing this in an anthropology lecture, which is the most obnoxious and boring subject ever. 

i inadvertently started a dance party in the laundry room when i played "bang pop" by free energy. 

cale and riley, stay in school and go to college so you can get down and bust a move while washing your brights. 

this is all i know how to draw. 

ella greer.  

this post was created to the hit tune from free energy. check it. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

do something dangerous.

one afternoon, i bought a new notebook. 

i then wrote my "observations" english class assignment in it. 
the paper was about the employees of urban outfitters, and how i both envy and loathe them. 

and then i found this website
and decided that it was a good idea. 

the first day asked me to trace the path of the moon to my window.
i am certain that there are other various obstacles, but i only know how to draw dinosaurs and robots. 

the next day wanted me to find a poem that i liked. i chose tom petty's "wildflower."

"you belong among the wildflowers
you belong in a boat out at sea
you belong with your love on your arm
you belong somewhere you feel free

run away, go find a lover
go away somewhere all bright and new
i have seen no other
who compares to you."

this post was produced by the sweet beats of the red hot chili peppers. 
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