Saturday, July 30, 2011

literally crazy.

"literally crazy for you" is a song for the summer, it's even performed by the band "long walks on the beach." yeah. so replace "rolling in the deep" (which is most definitely not a summer song) and listen to this several thousand times instead. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

happy bastille day.

it's not really. but holidays are always welcome. 

remember this post? well, here i am to tell you a story all about how i, a rather dramatic, witty, clever, american girl who sings along with beyonce in the car, became a french girl sincere sensation overnight. okay, that's a lie, it took an entire summer (hence the dramatic), and it might not have actually happened at all, but if you squint your eyes, tilt your head, and listen to quelqu'un m'a dit by carla bruni, you may be able to humor me in the slightest. 

so here it is, folks. 

ella greer, a french girl in words and pictures. 

i followed this blog about a blogger in paris for the year. 

i read this vogue article by gully wells (with hopes to have the book sitting on my coffee table someday)

and then i read an allure article about how french women choose their fragrance and bought this perfume pencil. 
silk road caravan

i found this version of the nautical stripe

both from j.crew

i listened to classical music and read hemingway

i bought lavender bouquets and old world maps
both from the paris market, a magical emporium in savannah

i (er, my mother) bought a fantastic sun hat.

i haunted a booth in a coffee shop to prepare projects, watch woody allen movies, and write.
french(!) vanilla latte, extra vanilla, at copper coin coffee

i went out of doors, seeking adventures

i discovered art. 
my lady gaga poster, my pride&joy. 

i finally bought a big girl bag. 

i fell madly in love. 

and there you have it. 
i became a french girl by only visiting three states. who knows, maybe next summer the mountains of peru will call for my heart. and if any magazine editors are reading this, i'm foot loose and fancy free, so feel free to hire me for all of your travel pieces. 

and you should listen to this song, because even though it isn't french, i think french women like beyonce too. and i secretly fantasize about singing it at open mic night at copper coin coffee, because i'm a poser. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

artifacts II.

in case anyone was wondering,this beauty is hanging in my room right now. certainly the find of the summer, this poster is pants. she and gramma toots will most definitely become best of friends. i'm sure the novogratz will agree. 

and you should listen to this song and go to a concert. (open mic nights don't count, woodstock kiddos.)
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