Sunday, May 29, 2011

i hope you're alright.

i love this tee shirt. too bad it sold out on etsy before i could ask my mom to buy it (teehee). 

so, due to recent events, my heart was broken, and for about three days i felt like i was dying. i just wanted to sit in the dark and stare at the phone. but i didn't. and after taking some time talking, listening, walking, rollerblading, singing, writing, wandering, laughing, crying, swimming, reading, and even hammocking, i decided against it. 
and today, at the fairest coffee shop of all of the land, i decided to not stop loving. 
in fact, i'm going to love even more. i'm going to become an even bigger goofball than i am now. i am going to think deeper, sing louder, dream bigger, and give everything i have away. 

Friday, May 27, 2011


today, while my writing has been moved to the back burner, i wanted to show you my loves. 
the first was music, in which is now "ella's garage" (hehe, i love garage bands) and now for my second love, interior design. this one snuck up on me, i was in denial about this interest until i realized my favorite television show was "9 by design" and all of my "future coffee table books" (see, i'm even planning my future house) were about designs of the interior (the selby is in your house, domino). 

what i'm about to show you doesn't exactly fall into the design category (it's not curtains or a ceiling fan) but an ad. at college, in my white walled dorm room, my options were limited, so one weekend i tore out all of my favorite magazine ads and taped them to a wall. think of it as an accent wall, if you will. only with magazine ads and not paint. 

meet gramma toots. i have no idea where she came from, nor what the advertisement was, but she is hands down my favorite. i plan on framing and carting her to every dorm/house/room i happen to live in. 

i'll admit it, i'm not one for classical music, but i love this song or piece or whatever the correct terminology is. i just know that it is yet another one of my favorites, and something i can relax to. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ella's garage.


i don't believe it will come as a surprise when i say that music is a rather enormous component of my life, therefore i have an awesome taste in music (to me anyways). last night, as an attempt to meet new, hipster friends at a coffee shop, i threw out a couple of band names to see if anyone would turn around. they didn't. so i have taken another approach, why not post my favorite songs of the moment on my blog. 

i can't say that this song is my favorite, but i do know that it is about to have a major influence in my life. 
i'm a counselor for high school camp this summer, and i've been stressing about how i would teach a group of girls that they were pretty (i've seen their facebooks, they are beautiful) when i don't believe that about myself. 

and then this song was playing on the radio this morning when i woke up. 

"don't you know you're beautiful" by seabird. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

mr. blue,

don't hold your head so low that you can't see the sky. 

in the words of diddy, welcome to my homecoming. and by homecoming, i mean summer. 
 but before i show you my "summa time" to-do list, i want to post my "so long, savannah."

"leaving on a wednesday"

cash in change at walmart (i saved 16 dollars in coins this year!)

rollerderby (the savannah derby devils hosted a bootcamp, just call me sarah nailin')

spanish oral exam

work all day 

pack the car (a real life game of jenga)

clean the apartment 

give florence to megan (florence meaning the "florence and the machine" cd, megan being my bff)

and now, drum roll please, the greatest list i've ever seen since my schedule for finals, 

"summer skin"

add to my skirt collection

sit by the pool and do nothing

go to camp

become well versed in music and blogs

be the star of my own cooking show

run kid run

brush up on the world of literary

find a use for the soda bottles

learn how to apply lipstick

say hello to north carolina 

act (be mistaken as) like a french woman. 

and finally, 

"cinderella, don't go to sleep, 
it's such a bitter form of refuge.
don't you know, the kingdom is under siege,
and everybody needs you."

a line from "dustland fairytale" by the killers, which is most certainly a favorite song of the moment. 

(just so you know, there are three (3) music videos hidden in this post,)

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