Friday, June 26, 2015

seventeen thirty eight.

i owe this blog a lot of posts, posts like how this blog is officially five years old, how im currently shopping for a new city, and the fun and slightly nightmarish times of being a college graduate. 

but since summer is sacred, all of that is on pause while i decorate my sweet, little apartment, work full time to save up for a new bike, attempt to read the wall street journal everyday, drink an entire kettle of green tea, and stare at the to-do list i like to call ‘ella get your sh*t together,’ an intimidating little number about all of the hoops i need to jump through to get that big girl job.

so in the meantime, i leave you with this playlist. not just any playlist however, one filled with songs that i have loved dearly since the days of riding the bus home from school. you could consider them comfort songs, like fried chicken and mashed potatoes for the soul.

download the playlist via spotify here: roots.
and find reasons why they were chosen after the jump. 

in the spirit of adventure
the ultimate theme song
because john hughes gave me an unrealistic perception of high school
something to listen to with the windows rolled down
if God had a song for me, this one would be it
my favorite dance routine of all time
the first song on the mixed cd that introduced me to all things indie
that one time i wanted to move to boston
the sweetest love song
memories of family car rides
my favorite psalm
the tarlatans will be singing a cover of this song at my wedding
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