Wednesday, June 7, 2017

the weeknd.

the power has gone out for hours at a time each day this week. i never noticed how much i depended on those fans pushing hot air around the room. it was 119 degrees, how much of a difference does that fan actually make? it makes a huge difference. 

we have also been out of water for the past three days which means no showers, laundry, and even flushing the toilet is a no go. 

if you have never worried about taking a shower or flushing the toilet you need to praise the Lord. 

so anyway, the weekend was fun but the days following have been tough to say the least. 

after school let out on friday we went into the city to get a manicure. the salon wasn't exactly like the ones in the states, there were no massage chairs and the tub to soak your feet was a rubbermaid container instead of a heated jacuzzi. regardless, it was nice to finally be out of the village and my total cost was 350 limps or 15 dollars. 

after the salon we walked down the street for dinner at a 'mom and pop' restaurant which was really just two tents, a grill, and patio furniture set up along the road. i have found that this format is common here, food permits are not necessary so really anyone can choose a median or street corner to start up their grill and make some cash. while concerned about the nonexistent health score, the dinner was actually really good. i have forgotten the name but i had a tortilla with queso and pork. 

we headed to the beach the next morning, a spot called tortuga bay. i really liked being able to set my hammock up between palm trees and read my book, 'the nix.' we went on a banana boat and it wasn't until the boat took off for the horizon that i realized how terrified i was. i just knew i was going to fall off into the water and be carried away by a shark. i knew it. well, i actually did end up falling off the boat. shocker. when i made it out of the water and was just floating there i was afraid that no one noticed that i was gone. i know how silly that sounds but whatever. as i yelled for help i saw that another girl was in the water with me. so there i was, floating in the middle of the ocean waiting for the boat to loop around and pick us up. it was kind of cool. 

i enjoyed the second half of the ride so much more. i had already survived my biggest fear so what else could happen?  

after church on sunday we went hiking. there was an abandoned house waiting for us at the top which kind of freaked me out because i made the mistake of watching 'blair witch project' one time and i had to convince myself it wasn't the same house. i'm a moron.



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