Thursday, June 8, 2017

survival kit.

welp, my flight to atlanta leaves in exactly one day and twenty hours. i'm so excited to back in the states and sleep in my bed and take a shower without fear of a scorpion coming in (this is a true story). 

i thought it would be cool to make a post of all the tools that have helped me survive these past three weeks.


face stuff: 
pixi glow tonic 
cover girl mascara
covert girl lipstick 
nyx by cream 
almost healthyglow foundation
soap and glory wonderbrow 

can you believe this is all the makeup i brought? i can't. i knew it was going to be hot but i truly had no idea. the tonic was nice to use in the morning and i'm glad i didn't bring toner because of how harsh it would have been on my skin. the almay foundation was supposed to gradually tan my face (because i didn't bring bronzer) but that did not work at all. my lashes and brows have been on point though so i guess that's all that matters.


the tools: 
bug spray 
fanny pack
water bottle

all of these tools have been crucial, almost like another limb to me. the headlamp was awesome because of how dark it gets in the village (the sun sets at 6 and there are no street lights) i didn't really wear it on my head though because the bugs would go straight for it. so maybe just a flashlight next time. 

this bug spray saved me. i've been here for three weeks and have gone hiking several times. as of my second to last night i only have four big bites. that is awesome. id recommend the brand because it never bothered my skin which is good considering how much i used (i've gone through four bottles). 

my beautiful fanny pack. extremely unattractive but definitely a necessity. i should probs get street cred since the brand is patagonia. 

the grayl and steripen (the flashlight looking thing in the last photo) were amazing. i never worried about safe drinking water so that was cool. looked like i was performing science experiments the whole time but knowing my water was safe to drink was such a good feeling. if rei is reading this, ben from the camping section of barrett parkway location really knows his stuff. 

the hammer has helped me kill scorpions. so there's that. 


honorable mentions:
misquito net
baby wipes
dry shampoo 

my beautiful misquito net, i could write all day about this thing. it was easy to set up and it kept all the bugs out. i slept so well knowing that the creepy crawlers were not going to wind up in my bed. unfortunately it is incredibly flammable. i won't hold that against it though. 

i would say the baby wipes are important when traveling to a third world country because of the scarce water supply. we are supposed to get water every three days but there have been days when that did not happen. the wipes were a huge help when showers were not possible. (can i sound any more attractive) 

aerosol deodorant came in clutch because it's so hot here that regular deodorant will melt in your armpit and flake off all over your clothes and chair (this is also a true story, but not to me thank goodness) 


other than having every piece of gravel stuck in my shoe at all times, the chacos were awesome. 

the nix was such a good book, perfect for those nights you can't sleep because the rain is too loud (we have a tin roof here). 

my sweet little Bible. it is the amplified edition and has been with me since freshman year of college. the heat got the best of it but i'm hoping i can fix it with duct tape once i get back to the states. i recently purchased a new Bible from #shereadstruth which i love but the amplified translation is my favorite. 

well that's all! i'll hopefully be writing my last post while waiting for my plane to arrive! 

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