Wednesday, August 23, 2017

film 6260

as it turns out, a jimmy fallon skit is not appropriate for an assignment about writing short films. my professor politely listened to my argument but in the end i couldn't sway her to see otherwise. so here i am, soliciting the internet for ideas about what to write my screenplay about. 

a few of these look promising but for the most part seem like ripoff's from other ideas (like how the last one is really just a mash up of the movies "Five Year Engagement" and "La La Land," and the election one is probs a VEEP episode). 

so take a look and help your girl out. 

A subway train breaks down in a tunnel. 
A couple takes this opportunity to use the trapped passengers as a sort of jury to hear their cases out (the girl wants to break up, the boy refuses.) Passengers take sides and a verdict is delivered just as the doors open onto the platform.

A magazine office/news crew tries out some crazy ideas in order to remain relevant. 
They rap out a news story “Hamilton” style, treat news stories like “tinder” and give the audience the ability to “swipe right” on stories they want to hear about.  

A pizza delivery guy has some strange encounters during his night on the job. 
He helps deliver a baby, uncovers a plan for a bank robbery, helps a music star finish a hit single.

Behind the scenes of election night (small, local mayor). 
Tensions are high and the drinks are flowing. One staffer admits to voting for the other candidate, etc.

Spring Break 2k17.
A friend is left on the beach after refusing to leave with the rest of his group after a concert, he is now left on his own to make it back to the condo. Scenarios like hopping a van hoping he could blend in with the rest of the passengers, wandering around a local supermarket, falling asleep in a hotel lobby (uses the phone to call his ex girlfriend, the only number he remembers) crashes a house party and grabs some “jungle juice,” and finally makes it back to the condo just as the rest of his friends come home from dinner.

Eclipse 2k17. 
Inspired by the eclipse and worried about the events that could happen after (she is very influenced by facebook news and how this can become the real Y2K), a mother spills the family secrets to her children as they watch the shadow come closer. Stories like how she hid 10,000 dollars in the back yard come to light.

A girl comes back home to attend her younger brother’s wedding.
She spends the whole dinner defending herself and her fiancĂ© about their long term engagement (he proposed five years ago, her brother is getting married after only knowing the bride for three weeks, they met on a cruise). The conflict reaches a boiling point during the toasts. While giving her speech she sees her ex in the crowd, a flash back occurs, a resolution is made. Will the engagement finally end in a breakup or a double wedding? 

also, if i had to write a screenplay based on a song it would be one of these two: hotline bling (let's be real, the girl drake describes sounds cool af) and green light

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